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In today's dynamic financial landscape, combating fraud has become a top priority. We're excited to introduce you to our innovative Fraud Prevention Solutions: TAFraudSentry and FraudXchange. These solutions are meticulously designed to offer robust protection and peace of mind to correspondent banks like yours. 

TAFraudSentry utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and real-time transaction monitoring to proactively detect and prevent fraudulent activities. FraudXchange is a consortium created to empower financial institutions in the battle against fraudulent transactions. FraudXchange continuously monitors the dark web, searching for any indicators of compromised account information or leaked sensitive data pertaining to your bank's customers. This proactive approach enables timely intervention and helps mitigate the risks associated with financial losses and reputational damage. 


Revolutionize check fraud defense with AI-Powered precision using TAFraudSentry, a pioneering system that integrates digital image forensics with transactional analysis. 

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With FraudXchange, your institution gains the upper hand in detecting, preventing, and mitigating financial fraud while fostering cooperation with fellow member banks and credit unions.

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